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True Story - The Discovery Of America.

Shadows Of Pavements presents The Discovery Of America! In school we learned about that America was discovered in 1492, on a journey paid by the spanish king, by Christofer Columbus(of genovese origin; italian). He believed he had found a western route to India, and therefore the natives were called indians.

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, an italian from Florens, who was in spanish service under his voyages to America. Are you confused? I am!

Short story goes like this: Spain´s king paid for the journeys and two italians discovered and named the new continent to America. They believed they were in India, so they named the natives indians. We agree? Ok!

Above is a photo of Christopher Columbus as a statue in New York. Now my theory is that they didn´t! Because around year 1000 the viking from Greenland, Leif Eriksson, discovered Markland andVineland. That is todays Labrador and New Foundland.

The written tales tells us that before Leif Eriksson another viking from Greenland, Bjarne Herjolfsson, reached the North American coast in 966, but he never went ashore and sold his ship to Leif Eriksson.

Above a photo of a an american post stamp of Leif Eriksson. Now the true story! America was discovered by the native americans (called indians), when they migrated from Asia over The Strait of Bering around 17000-11000 years ago.

The oldest human DNA in America is found in Oregon and is dated to 14300 years ago. This migration period led to the big cities of New York, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. The total population of America is today nearly inhabitants of the Earth.

That´s the true story told by Shadows Of Pavements. Though we must have in mind that the polynesians reached Hawaii. So did they also reach America, and if so when? Now you´re confused!



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